Armando Rho is one of the leading and most significant italian companies manufacturing high-end classic furniture. Established in 1930 by Carlo Rho, the company started his business as chair manufacturer for the local market. In the late 50’s Armando Rho joined his father in the business and started to develop the production of casegoods as well, giving the company a different image and dimension and expanding the business in Italy and Europe. In the 90’s Ivano Rho joined the family company after his graduation and gave it a new and more international oriented approach. He started travelling a lot overseas, trying to understand the taste and the general trends in the furniture business. The results of these efforts has been the creation of several new elegant and very refined collections in the classic style able to satisfy the needs of the more and more demanding clientele. Armando Rho is currently selling its lines in all the five Continents.


Our current mission is to reproduce and interpretate the treasures from all the most important historic periods at the highest level of quality and workmanship, using all those important techniques like the use of French polishing, the setting of hand made inlays, the use of artistic lost wax bronzes, hand made paintings and carvings, that exalted and made precious the work of the master craftsmen of old times, and that make our artisan creations art themselves.