Armando Rho has, at the same time, developed a very important contract department, with a team of designers ready to challenge and accomplish the different requirements of every single customer, with a high level of flexibility during the plan and the production of the interiors for prestigious Villas, Hotels, Banks, Governmental palaces and embassies throughout the world. So, purchasing Armando Rho lines, you’re certain to place a masterpiece in your home, a part of history and culture passed down to us by our fathers and that we’ll pass in return to our children, in a way that the secrets of the artisan craftmanship and the taste for beauty and quality will never be lost.

An elegant showcase of some of our most ambitious projects

We reproduce the treasure from all the most important historic periods

We exalt the work
of the master craftsmen

We satisfy the needs of the more
and more demanding clientele

Since 1930

Trying to understand the taste and the general trends in the furniture business